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Poland: 1000 YEARS of history and culture

polandNow, for the first time, Americans, Poles and non-Poles, can learn about Poland via the convenience of the internet. From the producer of the highly acclaimed The Polish Phoenix, a multi-media presentation which dazzled audiences across the United States (touring some 70 cities across 14 states in the U.S.A. between 1980-1986) with its kaleidoscopic view of Polish history and culture, comes a new series developed exclusively for the internet.



Part One: Piast Poland (earliest origins to 1370)


Part I, Piast Poland (earliest origins to 1370), traces Poland’s evolution from a Slavic tribal confederation to a full-fledged participant in the Medieval Latin West in the late 14th century under the reign of Casimir the Great.

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Part Two: Jagiellonian Poland (1386-1572)


Part II, Jagiellonian Poland (1386-1572), chronicles the “golden age” of the Polish Kingdom under the Jagiellonian dynasty, from 1386 to 1572 when union with neighboring Lithuania made it the largest state in Europe.


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Part Three: The Gentry Commonwealth (1573-1795)


Part III, The Gentry Commonwealth (1573-1795), depicts the “silver age” under the first Vasa kings and the progressive decline of the Republic’s fortunes from the mid 17th to the mid 19th century when a remarkable revival heralded the age of the Polish Enlightenment until the catastrophe of the partitions put an end to the nation’s statehood.


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Part Four: Romantic and Modern Poland (1796-1945)


Part IV, Romantic and Modern Poland (1796-1945), covers the turbulent struggles for independence that culminated in the national rebirth in 1918, the interwar Republic and the holocaust of World War II.

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